RapidSwitch Hosting Review

RapidSwitch Hosting Review Introduction

rapidswitch reviewsThis web hosting company is based in the UK which boasts about their 20,000 servers along with their 7 datacenters which are spread in multiple locations. Today, the company is known for a wide array of hosting services such as dedicated, cloud and colocation hosting services.

RapidSwitch Hosting Hosting Plans

Their dedicated hosting services are offered in 3 different plans. These plans are called Value Range, Plus range and Premium range. Like in most dedicated hosting plans, the main difference between these plans are the bandwidth allowance and space allocation, along with server configuration.

RapidSwitch Hosting Uptime/Downtime

Their uptime guarantee is at 100%. This means, if any customers experience downtimes in any given month, they automatically become eligible for partial refunds.

RapidSwitch Hosting Support

Support is provided 24/7 in the following channels: phone, email and chat. Their support are announced to be based in the United Kingdom.

RapidSwitch Hosting Control Panel

Customers are eligible to choose their servers’ operating system and control panel. This control panel is available on all shared account levels. This control panel is mainly used to edit modify and configure data bases, email addresses and domain names.

RapidSwitch Hosting Extras

Customers can expect the following freebies: Unlimited SMS and Email alerts, Unlimited IPv4 and IPv6 Ips, free Anti-virus along with other hosting features.

RapidSwitch Hosting Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

There are no published documents regarding any money back guarantee this provider provide. Cancellations have to be made through support.

RapidSwitch Hosting Summary

This hosting company is pretty confident about the services they offer. In fact, they claim that no hosting company in the UK can beat the pricing of their plans. If you are looking for a budget friendly hosting company, this company might be the one you are looking for.

    • 24/7 Support
    • Choice of OS and control Panel
    • 100% uptime guarantee
    • UK based

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