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wix.com reviewWix.com Review Introduction

Wix.com company started in 2006 and  is located in Tel Aviv but has branches in the US and Ukraine. Different from other hosting companies, Wix.com sells site builder package that includes template, bandwidth and disk space in bundle. Currently, Wix.com is hosting 29 millions sites.

Wix.Com Hosting Plans

Wix.com main product is literally selling site builder package that’s free. It includes both bandwidth and disk space with capacity of 500MB.  The user can simply chose from the given customized templates where they can alter texts, fonts, layouts and widgets that can allow them to embed other sites’ services. The user’s site can also be converted into an e-commerce store.

If the user wants to do some enhancements on their site, he/she can choose from four options under Wix.com Premium Plans:

1. Connect Domain Plan is an ad-supported plan with a subscription fee attached. This plan allows users to use more advanced features easily accessible on a shared hosting plan.

2. Combo Plan aimed at personal users only. This plan unlocks most premium features and allows storage and bandwidth capacity up to 1GB.

3. Unlimited Plan is designed solely for businesses with unlimited bandwidth and storage space up to 2.5GB only.

4. E-commerce Plan is comparable to the premium site builder tools package offered other regular website hosts where storage capacity is limited to 2.5GB and bandwidth to 5GB.

Wix.Com Uptime/Downtime

Wix.com offers 99.9% uptime guarantee just like what other host would provide but offers no uptime figures that would show its performance records from the past.

Wix.Com Support

Wix.com provides  a toll-free support number for both US customers and non-US customers between 6am to 5pm PST, Mondays to Fridays.  A knowledge base directory is also available for their customers for self service.

Wix.com Control Panel

Wix.com has no control panel only a custom admin that doesn’t offer much in terms of account administration.

Wix.Com Extras

Wix.com doesn’t offer freebies or any teaser to lure customers to avail of a premium plan.

Wix.Com Money Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

Wix.com offers its Premium Plan customers a 14-day trial period. If the customer is dissatisfied with its service they can simply cancel it in the account area and they will receive refunds afterwards.

Wix.Com Summary

If the user is all set on a site builder host with its obvious limitations on features and lock-in periods, Wix.com is definitely the hosting site for them.

  •  500MB Bandwidth
  •  500MB Disk Space
  •  Free Site Builder package
  • Customized templates


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